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Why Deer Placenta Can Restore Your Lost Youthful Glow

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Get Older, Look Younger!


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Imagine this: you wake up one day, look at the mirror, and see that your once soft and supple skin has lost its youthful glow. Sounds like a complete nightmare, right? How would you take those irresistible selfies now? How would you feel confident when you’re out with friends and family? How would you match up to your friends who miraculously never seem to age?


Well, the good news is that it’s actually possible to make your skin look healthier and younger. And yes, those expensive surgical treatments and toxic anti-aging creams are not your only option.


The ugly truth


Face it, ladies, it’s a proven scientific fact: your skin will lose its natural glow and suppleness as you get older. With age, the natural layer of your skin becomes thinner and skin cells that aid pigmentation continue to decrease. This does not only make your skin look thinner and paler; it makes you develop unsightly age spots as well.


As you age, changes in your skin’s connective tissues also decrease the natural elasticity and strength of your skin. Your sebaceous glands start producing less oil, thus making it harder to keep your skin moist. On top of all that, you also become more prone to skin injuries, rough patches, and blemishes because your skin’s fat layer becomes thinner.


Enough of the bad news. When has focusing on the negatives ever done you good anyway? Let’s just talk about one of the most touted anti-aging solutions today – animal and human placenta.


The wonders of the placenta


It sounds crazy, right? How could the placenta make you look younger? I mean, come on. Animal and human placenta? What’s up with that?


Actually, many people from all parts of the globe have long discovered the wonderful health properties of the placenta. In China and Vietnam, preparing the placenta for consumption after childbirth has become a customary practice for mothers. It may sound repulsive, but there is substantial evidence that the human placenta contains lots of vitamins and nutrients that help mothers recover faster from childbirth.


Even popular celebrities like Victoria Beckham and actress January Jones have jumped on the bandwagon. The former has been reported to undergo sheep placenta facials, while the latter decided to turn her son’s placenta into capsules took them to recover faster after childbirth.

People from other countries have also joined the placenta craze. In Japan, pig placenta smoothies are becoming popular than ever. In Switzerland, placenta injections are available for those who want to look younger and boost their overall health.


While you may cringe at the thought of consuming animal and human placenta, those who support “placentophagy” seem to have gotten it right. They’ve pointed out that almost all mammals eat the placenta after childbirth, and that this method has long been recommended by those who practice traditional Chinese medicine.


Placentophagy might still be in its infancy, but it has revealed that consuming placenta can actually boost energy levels, improve milk production, replace lost iron, and prevent post-partum depression.


If the mere thought of consuming animal or human placenta makes you want to barf, the good news is that thanks to modern technology, a lot of products that contain placenta extracts have already been developed. Whether you prefer taking oral supplements, food supplements or injections, you can now enjoy the tremendous benefits of placenta extracts without reminding yourself of disturbing movies like Hannibal and Dumplings.



Why choose deer placenta?


Deer are not just majestic and elusive creatures. As it turns out, they also hold the key to the fountain of youth. Photo courtesy of

Deer are not just majestic and elusive creatures. As it turns out, they also hold the key to the fountain of youth. Photo courtesy of


As weird as it may sound, deer placenta actually contains powerful anti-aging properties that would help you turn back the clock and restore your youthful skin. It can keep your skin moisturized, improve your complexion, and reduce lines. Aside from making you look younger, it also comes with added overall health benefits like improved metabolism, energy and stamina.


Now, let’s answer that burning question – how does deer placenta do that? Are there scientific studies that support these claims?


Evidence that deer placenta can revitalize, nourish, and keep the skin’s youthful glow has been going around for thousands of years. Shih Huangdi, a Chinese emperor, has considered the placenta as a very previous item for nourishing the body. During his reign, dried placenta was even recorded as the “elixir of youth” in a popular pharmaceutical text written by Li Shizen.


Since the placenta allows nutrient uptake by connecting the mother’s uterine wall and the fetus, it naturally contains various biological components that support healing (Tonello et al., J. Pharma. Biomed. Anal. 1996). Also, the basic structure of human cells and deer cells are virtually similar, thus making deer placenta 100% safe for human intake. So yes, it’s actually safe to say that there’s no harm in trying deer placenta – whether it be in the form of capsules, injections, or supplementary food.


Research also shows that when the body absorbs deer placenta cells, the body’s aging and weak cells learn how to rejuvenate themselves over time. Once they are revived, the body shows marked improvements in overall health and vigor. This explains why deer placenta has become extremely popular for its powerful therapeutic and medicinal properties.


Making the right choice

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If you’re still on the fence about using deer placenta, you’d be happy to hear that there’s more to it than just regaining beautiful skin. It is also great for improving your overall health because it contains lots of essential proteins, minerals, amino acids, and other elements that can help improve metabolism and boost weight loss. This added bonus makes it perfect for those who want to restore their youthful glow while shedding some extra pounds along the way.


Unlike other beauty and health supplements, deer placenta does not contain toxic chemicals. Aside from being 100% natural, it can even help remove all the accumulated toxins in your body. Sounds awesome, right?


Deer placenta is a great alternative to undergoing surgical treatments. If you could reverse the signs of aging naturally, why bother shelling out thousands of dollars for a single surgery? It is also better than Botox injections, which can paralyze your facial muscles and give you that distinct constantly surprised or frowning expression.


Lastly, deer placenta contains powerful antioxidants that can reduce the production of free radicals. This makes it great for minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, preserving the skin’s elasticity, and fighting other noticeable signs of aging. Forget about those shady anti-aging supplements and beauty creams – deer placenta has it all!

Age is just a number


Getting old shouldn’t scare you. You should see it as a wonderful opportunity to experience new things, live life to the fullest, and gain more wisdom over time. Always remember that the key to aging gracefully is to embrace change, and to focus on the good rather than the bad.


However, using tried and tested products that will help you feel good inside and out wouldn’t hurt. Deer placenta does just that by helping you maintain beautiful skin while improving your overall health at the same time. Armed with the right information and the determination to change your life for the better, you’ll surely find a deer placenta product that suits you best.


Talking about a product that contains 100mg of deer placenta extract, this supplement below (Kiwi Maxi) has it. Dubbed as the newly discovered “Fountain of Youth“, Kiwi Maxi is a powerful health supplement suitable for you. If you are experiencing signs of aging, quick physical exhaustion and loss of vitality, Kiwi Maxi is the answer. Check it out now.







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