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The Scary Truth You Need To Know About Weight Loss Pills

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Many people will start their weight loss odyssey by trying one or several weight loss pills.

These are the most straightforward and ‘obvious’ type of tool for many people but unfortunately they’re also somewhat risky and many of them are scams.


This way, you should be able to see whether a pill that claims to increase your metabolism really is doing that.

Likewise, you can keep your calories burned and consumed consistent and see whether or not the addition of a supplement or a new diet is increasing the speed at which you lose weight.


This is a great way to quickly cut through the nonsense: a lot of weight loss pills claim you have to combine them with a ‘sensible diet low in calories’.

Often, this is just a way to make those pills look as though they’re doing something.

But if you track everything carefully, then you can follow that advice and still isolate the impact that the tool itself is having. Either your weight loss gets faster, or it doesn’t.

How Weight Loss Pills Work


When you use this logical method to test the effectiveness of weight loss pills, then you will often find that they simply don’t work.

Looking at the ingredients and the claimed mechanism of action, it’s generally fairly easy to see why this is.


For most weight loss supplements you see, the claimed mechanism of action is to increase the metabolism.

These increase your heart rate and increase the amount of calories your body burns in any given time-frame. As such, you end up losing more weight.


Ingredients to help accomplish things include a number of things. Popular options are caffeine, green tea and things like l-tyrosine which increases the alertness neurochemical dopamine.


The reality then is that you’re essentially taking a strong and expensive alternative to caffeine. You won’t see any greater fat burning than you might expect from a simple strong cup of coffee in many cases and even if you do burn extra calories, it’s likely to be something like five extra calories – not 100.

Is that really worth the money when you could just do a few extra press ups before bed?


There are some exceptions to this rule.

One is that the supplement actually contains very large amounts of caffeine along with other ingredients that far more drastically accelerate the metabolism.

Now you have the opposite problem though and you can find yourself feeling jittery, struggling to sleep and even getting headaches.

In some cases this can even be highly dangerous, resulting in heart attacks, strokes or other problems associated with high blood pressure.


Also key to consider is the fact that the body adapts to the consumption of stimulants by altering the number of receptors in the brain.

Eventually this can lead to ‘tolerance’ and even ‘dependence’ meaning that the same amount of tablets won’t give you the same fat burning benefits any more.


This can then lead to you overdosing or simply wasting a lot of money. And despite all these risks, even these highly effective stimulants still don’t burn that much extra fat as to be particularly noticeable or worthwhile.


The Good Type of Fat Burner


If you insist on burning extra fat, then you should instead look at substances that aim to improve your mitochondrial function.


Mitochondrial what?


Mitochondria (see image below) are structures within cells that convert the energy from food into a form that cells can use. Each cell contains hundreds to thousands of mitochondria, which are located in the fluid that surrounds the nucleus (the cytoplasm). Source: U.S. National Library of Medicine

cell mitochondria




Your mitochondria are small ‘power generators’ that live inside your cells and which convert glucose into useable energy.

When we’re younger, we have more of these and they are more efficient.

That’s why little children seem to be able to run around endlessly without ever getting tired!


As we get older, these mitochondria decrease in number and degrade in efficiency.

Thankfully, nutrients found in what are listed below can help us to increase their efficiency. These include:


Adding vitamins and minerals to your diet can also do a world of good.

Vitamin B6 for instance will help your body to burn carbs for fuel, while vitamin C will boost your immune system to prevent you from being negatively affected by infections and other assaults on your system.

Then we have things like vitamin D which helps with hormone balance and improves sleep.

Iron and vitamin B12 will improve your body’s oxygen supply further, while magnesium and zinc will increase testosterone production for more drive and determination.


One more thing you can do is to use Mangosteen Powder and Silk Protein Powder.

These work to help improve the cell membrane permeability, thereby making it easier for your cells to send signals to one another. They are also a powerful antioxidant.


Taking your weight loss supplement the right way


Take these supplements in the morning, following the dosage instructions on the packet and you will feel more energetic while burning extra fat throughout the rest of the day.


These ingredients are very powerful and will help boost mitochondrial count and efficiency through exercise and especially by using any exercise plan that incorporates HIIT.

HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training and involves alternating between short periods of intense exertion, followed by intervals of relative calm and ‘active recovery’.

This is the right way to use a weight loss supplement as a tool – it should contain only natural and safe ingredients and should serve as a starting point to kickstart your progress rather than a crutch that you rely on.



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