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Beetroot Increases Physical Endurance and Brain Performance While Exercising – How To Lose Belly Fat Guide

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Beetroot Clinically Proven To Increase Energy Naturally

Beetroot has become a natural way to increase physical endurance while exercising or performing normal activities.  The beet plant is the taproot portation of the plant usually grown in North America also known as a beet, golden beet, red beet, table beet, and garden beet varieties,

Several cultivated verities beta Vulgaris are grown for their edible leaves called beet greens and taproots that are used in juicing or recipes.  This common plant is grown for medicinal and dietary purposes, resulting in greater brain function and increased energy.

Other than a food source beets have been used as a natural food colourant in dying eggs, Dys, pigments, biological pigments, paints and food colourings.

As medicinal plants have been identified and used as early as prehistoric times for their benefits and nutritional values.  Plants make many natural chemical compounds for biological functions.

These natural chemical compounds work exactly in the body exactly the same way pharmaceutical drugs work without harmful side effects.  Herbal or medicinal medicines may have beneficial and harmful side effects just as conventional medicine cautions.  There are over 12,000 active natural compounds known to science.  Since a single plant may contain many substances, consuming any plant for medicinal purposes may be complex.  Always talk to your doctor about your diet before consuming any medicinal plants.

Beets are low in fat and packed with nutrients that have been proven to increase energy and endurance in as little as 20 minutes after consuming it. Whether it is made in a smoothie, soup, boiled steamed or roasted studies have shown this popular vegetable to be one of the best ways to promote good health naturally.


Benefits Of Beets Nutritional Values

Consuming just one serving of beetroot per day can make a dramatic difference in energy levels.  Beets are fairly inexpensive and readily available in the produce section of your local grocery store or can be found canned with other vegetables.  For best results purchase organically grown to produce when possible for good dietary absorption.

Beets eaten in the raw state contain natural digestive enzymes and natural nutrient supplier delivering powerful immune boosting compounds and can help produce new blood cells in the body.  Raw beets contain concentrations of zinc, iron, magnesium, vitamin C, potassium, folic acid, fibre antioxidants and carbohydrates.

This superfood has been proven to increases athletic endurance, lower blood pressure and increase blood flow in the cardiovascular system.  Beetroot is now being used to treat high blood pressure for its effective nitrate compounds.  Nitrates work in the body to relax blood vessels causing them to widen or dilate resulting in better blood flow and more oxygen to the brain, body and muscles.

Dietary nitrates can be found in dark green leafy vegetables, beetroots, and processed meats.  Nitrate and water are converted in the body to nitric oxide which can reduce hypertension.  Anti-hypertension diets such as the Dash diet contain foods that are high in nitrates for those who want to lose weight while improving overall health.

Benefits of Beets and Nitrate-Rich Foods

  • Reduce inflammation naturally
  • Increase blood flow
  • Increase cognitive function to the brain
  • Reduce hypertension
  • Increase athletic activity
  • Increase oxygen to the body vascular system, muscle and brain
  • naturally, treat vascular disease
  • Increase energy levels

Studies show that nitrate supplementation delivers fantastic results when testing stamina and endurance while exercising.  Beetroot is being used as a natural means for treating conditions heart disease, hypertension, endothelial function a vascular disease of the inner lining of the blood vessels, and help reduce inflammation,

Beetroot is proven to be a promising treatment to manage and prevent pathologies associated with reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.  Recent interest in this discovery has led to significant studies and experimentation on the use of beets for its nitrate value and the positive effect it has on athletes and individuals suffering from hypertension, inflammation or vascular conditions.

Numerous studies have shown that a diet rich in organic fruits and vegetables will have an enormous impact on your health.  Researchers can now prove that eating foods high in nitrates improve oxygen levels and blood flow resulting in more energy and endurance.

Recent evidence has been proven that consuming beetroot as part of your regular diet translates beneficial clinical outcomes for pathologies including, hypertension, dementia, type 2 diabetes, and atherosclerosis.

Hypertension has been the target of many therapeutic interventions in clinical trials has provided positive evidence resulting in beetroot consumed in a juice supplement or in bread greatly reduced diastolic and systolic blood pressure.

Beetroot is not only beneficial to health it contains vital phytochemical compounds flavonoids, carotenoids, ascorbic acid, phenolic acids.  Beets are one of the best vegetables to add to the diet due to its colour pigmentation called betalain ( red-violet colour) or betaxanthin a yellow-orange pigmentation colour.    A number of studies have shown that vegetables in the betalain family reported high anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties leading to further studies on the benefits of beetroot.

For any superfood to be effective in treating a disease of any kind it must meet specific bioavailability in the digestive track, meaning following digestion food is easily absorbed in the gastrointestinal track and then made available to the circulatory system to be used by cells.

Studies show that beetroot in the form of a juice supplement is effective as an anti-oxidant proven to protect against oxidative damage to DNA, protein and lipid structures within cell walls.  A study by Wootton-Beard and Colleagues concluded that a key mechanism in beetroot juice acts as a scavenger of free radicals.

How To Get More Beets Into Your Diet?

Beets can be consumed in many ways to reap the full health benefits of this magnificent vegetable.  Smoothies offer a quick and easy way to get more vegetables into your diet.  Use a combination of organic fruits and vegetables to create drinks you can enjoy.  Check out the recipe below for a raspberry beet smoothie that can be made in 2 minutes or less for getting more of this amazing vegetable in your diet.

Beet recipes can be added to your healthy diet to include balsamic beet salad, beet marinated and goat cheese salad, roasted beets, beets with orange vinaigrette, roasted beets with lemon, beet and goat cheese arugula salad to name a few.

This amazing vegetable should be a dietary staple in a healthy diet plan due to the enormous benefits beetroot supplies.  Unique health promoting benefits have been shown to promote good blood flow, reduce blood pressure, and reduce hypertension.  Remarkably drinking just one cup of beet juice is more effective for treating systolic blood pressure by 8 points.  Studies have shown beetroot works better than a commonly prescribed medication hydrochlorothiazide that only lowers systolic blood pressure by 6.5 points.



Rasberry Beet Delight Smoothie


12 ounces of pure mineral water

4 ice cubes (optional)

4 cubes of pineapple

2 tablespoons of raspberries

1/2 small beet chopped


Add all ingredients into a blender and puree until the liquid is smooth.  Drink!  Use any combination of organic fruits and vegetables you prefer.

Supperbeets is a natural supplement powder that is available online or at a local health food store that specialises in vitamins and healthy living.  Want more energy and endurance without caffeine or stimulants?  One serving of this concentrated form is equivalent to eating 4 beets with just one scoop of the Super beet formula.  Need better support for your heart or blood pressure?  Drink one serving of Superbeets for increased energy throughout the day.

“Studies have shown beets to have a positive effect on blood pressure and cardiovascular health”

Beets can be eaten in salads or peeled and boiled if your prefer to eat them cooked, Pickled beets are a delicious treat as well as mashed beets, or beet puree, or shredded raw and added to a salad.  Pickled beets are a traditional food in many countries worldwide.

Consuming more beets in your diet will enhance nutritional uptake by supplying B vitamins, magnesium, manganese, copper, and potassium. These vital nutrients are essential for building good health while preventing diseases.   Eating beetroot has been proven to lower blood pressure reducing hypertension and vascular disorders.  Beets are rich in nitrates which are converted into nitric oxide resulting in relaxation of blood vessels throughout the body.  Leaving you with oxygen-rich blood, delivering more vital nutrients to the brain, muscles and heart, resulting in increased energy.

That means individuals who consume nitrate-rich foods such as beetroot may have lower blood pressure and increased stamina.  Overall the consumption of beetroot juice lowered systolic blood pressure in adults reducing cardiovascular events in adults who consumed beets with a healthy diet plan.

Beets have anti-caner properties due to the high level of phytonutrients within the colourful pigmentation of this miraculous vegetable might ward off cancer.  Studies have shown that beetroot extract was administered through the water to animals reduced multi-organ tumour formations.   Further research is being conducted on human studies by administering beetroot extract to reduce or prevent certain cancers, prostate, breast, and pancreatic cancers.

Detoxification and Purification of Blood and Liver

Purification and detox of blood and liver by eating more beetroot in your diet.  The betalain pigmentation in beets allows your body to eliminate impurities in the detoxification 2 process which are broken down toxins are bound to molecules and excreted from the body.  Traditionally beets are valued for their health benefits and support of the liver and purification of blood.


Conclusion For Increasing Beetroot Popularity

In conclusion, beetroot has have been proven to ward off diseases, hypertension, cancer, inflammation, vascular disease due to its powerful dietary compounds.  Treatments for cardiovascular disease high blood pressure and authorities have responded successfully by consuming beetroot supplements.   Energy increased in individuals who participated in studies enabling more endurance for athletic capabilities.

This amazing antioxidant has been proven to have vascular protective capabilities and is a good natural anti-inflammatory.  Beetroot is now widely used in powdered supplement forms to be made into juices or smoothies for its health benefits.  Increasing popularity as a natural nutritional approach to gaining more energy and treating heart disease and other vascular conditions.

Diets For Promoting Weight Loss and Good Health

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