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Achieving Balance In A Fitness Plan

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Summer is officially here, and many people are focusing on achieving those fantastic beach bodies! The allure of daunting six-pack abs and a trim waist is abundant on social media and commercials. In order to get pool-party ready, many are implementing strict fitness plans into their everyday regimen.

The previous diet of summer staples is now replaced with kale and smoothies. Instead of occasional visits to the gym, many are frequenting five to six times a week. Although being fitness conscious is often times a good thing, many tend to lose their health-life balance while pursuing their fitness goals. Is there a secret to still enjoying life while meeting your fitness goals? Let’s consider four ways to achieve an optimal balance while engaging in a fitness plan.

1. Don’t Deprive Yourself

When most people embark on a lifestyle change, they feel the need to eliminate every “bad” item of food from their diet and immediately jump to only eating nutritious foods. While ambitious, cutting out junk cold turkey can leave you with some nasty cravings. Some have even fallen into old habits simply because they feel deprived.

Why not start slow and replace one meal a day with something hearty. Learn how to appreciate healthy foods without feeling obligated to enjoy them. By allowing yourself time to explore, you will eventually find options that you truly like.

2. Find Joy in Your Workouts

Working out isn’t a pleasant time for some. It can feel like a chore, boring, and even painful. One way to truly enjoy your workouts is to change your perception. As opposed to feeding your mind with negatives, replace those with positive reasons why you enjoy going to the gym.

Does this give you some alone time to reflect?

Is working out a valuable stress release? How do you usually feel after completing a workout?

Choose to focus on the positives while still remaining balanced. If working out isn’t your favorite activity, find something joyful about it. Perhaps it’s a favorite playlist or a killer gym outfit. The key here is to find your personal joy.

3. Push Yourself, But Take Breaks

When beginning your fitness journey, don’t feel obligated to spend one or two hours in the gym. This will only inhibit your ability to enjoy your time there. Set boundaries that are comfortable to you. Perhaps find balance by starting with 30 minutes, three times a week. Then, as you begin to find your way, increase that time. In addition, don’t feel like taking breaks is taboo. In fact, taking small, breaks while doing a workout can give you the power needed to push through.

4. Embrace Your Achievements

Although workout out isn’t an automatic fix, embrace the small changes you see within yourself. If you were able to go to the gym even if you didn’t want to, celebrate that! If you see yourself getting stronger and developing more endurance, congratulate yourself. This will keep you active, happy, and with a balanced view when going to the gym.

In addition, praise your healthy eating choices as well. If you’ve gone three weeks without eating a guilty pleasure, allow yourself a cheat day. Even if feelings of guilt creep in, tell yourself that you deserve this treat. By rewarding your body for the good work it’s done, you will find more balance in your new lifestyle.

Achieving balance in a fitness plan is just as hard as beginning it. You have to find your own equilibrium in order to continue of your journey. By doing so, you will find more joy and satisfaction with your new lifestyle choice.

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